The Secret to a good night’s sleep…

No one can argue how important sleep is for you and how getting a good nights rest can make a massive impact on your day.  The NHS actually recommends getting 8 hours of sleep a night, but now that the clocks have (finally) changed and now that the mornings and evenings are getting lighter this is not always that easy, especially if you have children.


So, here’s what we suggest


Blackout blinds and blackout curtains are a quick and very simple way of helping to get a great night sleep. Of course, everyone is different, but an extra hour in bed will definitely help towards a better and more rested you.

We have a huge range of blackout blinds as well as curtains in a range of styles, colours and budgets to suit any window and any home.

Remember, all of our blinds and curtains are completely made to measure – so whether it is a soft and cosy Roman blind, a more practical, minimal Roller blind or even a pair of blackout lined curtains you can get the perfect blackout fit for your window.